Sunday, September 29, 2013


Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to a broadcast from our church, (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). It was absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!! The four speakers mainly spoke on covenants. They are indeed so very important. Making and keeping covenants is a binding promise that we make with Heavenly Father. The Lord sets the terms and we follow. Everyday we have promptings, whether we choose to act on them is our chpoice, however we most definently should act on them!! To be truly happy is to keep the commandments. Ordinances and covenants are our spiritual milestones. Also how joyously do we keep the commandments? They should be something that we love and enjoy to follow. We must stand as a witness of God at ALL times and in ALL things and in ALL places. We are all walking on the straight and narrrow path, however we are all at differnet points along the path. We must strive to be not only physically clean but also spiritually clean. In life we will be tested; we will be put to trials that we may feel are going to break us. It is at times like this when we must grow closer to God, we must know that HE is there for us, He never leaves our side, He is always there telling us that we can do it. If you are a member going to the temple is an amzing thing. We should go and truly ponder questions that we have, also listen to the blessing be placed upon you and truly learn to iunderstnad them better. Never ignore a prompting, we will never kow how much we wil bless someones life by answering a prompting. He is always there for us watching, praying, and chering us on.

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